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How do I qualify for the 5+1 Fellowship?

  • For full AY: Complete Graduate School’s requirements for degree by August 1, 2018, before what would otherwise be your 11th semester (aka after 5 years)
  • For partial AY: A sixth-year student must complete the Graduate School’s requirements for degree by formal submission date for January 2019 Graduation to qualify
    • Partial appointments are not guaranteed and will be awarded at the discretion of the college
    •  $1,500 in professional development will be pro-rated for “partial 5+1s” 

What are the details of a 5+1 appointment?

  • Your title will be “Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar” 
  • Your appointment dates will be from 8/16/18-5/31/19
  • All fellows must take on a faculty mentor in their home department. The mentor relationship must be established before initiating the 5+1 appointment
  • Funding
    • 5+1 Fellows are paid $26,000 for the academic year (9 months)
    • Fellows have access to $1,500 in Professional Development funding (p. 115)
      • Access to Professional Development funding for 5+1s is contingent upon the completion of a 1:1 meeting with Graduate Career Consultant Erik Oswald 
      • With questions on what expenses qualify as Professional Development, please reach out to Jenny Petersen

What will be my duties and responsibilities during my 5+1 Fellowship?

  • All fellows will either teach two 3-credit courses during their appointment or teach one 3-credit course and take up an approved internship or professional placement.
    • Teaching
      • All fellows must work in some instructional capacity for at least one semester during their appointment. 
    • Teaching plans must be approved before appointment packet is submitted
      • Teaching load can be no more than 2 courses per year 
      • Teaching MUST be at the University of Notre Dame or at a pre-approved affiliate university or local program 
      • Alternate opportunities for instruction must be approved by the Associate Dean for Social Sciences and Research
    • Professional Internships
      • Prospective fellows must apply for internships in a competitive process. 
      • Opportunities will be advertised on the 5+1 website and through direct mailings
      • Applications will be submitted directly to internship directors/ coordinators

Can I design my own internship? From whom do I need approval?

  • YES! You will need approval from:
    • Your Department Chair
    • The Associate Dean for the Social Sciences & Research

I held a premium fellowship as a graduate student; will my 5+1 pay be higher as a result?

  • NO. Student success before conferral of degree has no bearing on postdoctoral stipend levels with the exception of the Notebaert fellowship, which has a guaranteed sixth year of funding.

Will I be responsible for paying into my own health insurance?

  • YES. 5+1 Postdocs are full-time paid appointments and are eligible for staff benefits, including health insurance. Incoming fellows should work with HR to determine their benefit elections. Information on available benefits can be found HERE.

Do I have to start paying my student loans?

  • Probably. Because you will no longer be a student, most lenders require repayment to begin 6th months after degree conferral. Please check with your specific loan provider for repayment details. 

Do I have to participate in Onboarding?

  • YES. The graduate administrator for your home department will sign you up for onboarding which you must complete in order to be eligible for university benefits

I am on a visa, how will that be affected by my joining the 5+1 program?

I thought I would qualify for the program and am scheduled to teach a class, but I didn’t submit my dissertation in time. Do I still have to teach the course I am signed up for?

  • YES. You will be paid the ABD adjunct rate of $4,000/ 3 credit hour course

Will I be assigned dedicated office space?

  • Department Chairs are responsible for assigning departmental office space
  • Library carrels and shared office space are available by request. Please reach out to Jenny Petersen to make arrangements

Who is available to help me while I am in the program?

  • Your Department Chair
  • Jenny Petersen - Senior Administrative Coordinator, Arts & Letters Dean’s Office
  • James Brockmole - Associate Dean for the Social Sciences & Research
  • Erik Oswald - Graduate Career Consultant