Career Development

Career Development is an integral component of the 5+1 program. In partnership with Graduate Career Services (GCS), Fellows will have access to a wide spectrum of services and resources covering the life cycle of career development. GCS uses a 3-stage career development model - Engage ▪ Develop ▪ Empower - to help you organize your career development planning activities. This model represents the key components of becoming IrishReady for career success.


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The 5+1 career planning and development program emerges from the model and features a Career Success Series to enrich the postdoctoral experience. It is designed to help Fellows engage in discernment of interests and goals, increase the efficacy of future job applications, and develop career related core competencies prior to leaving Notre Dame.


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The Career Success Series is a multi-stage career advising program offering professional assessment, training, and guidance to maximize your professional development. Components include:

  • Career Assessment to identify skills, interests, motivations, and career values.
  • Text“So What Are You Going to Do with That?” Finding Careers Outside Academia by Susan Basalla and Maggie Debelius.
  • Electronic resume reviews with detailed feedback and recommendations.
  • Information sharing on career resources.
  • Group Workshops on The Savvy Search and Networking.
  • One-on-one consultation to develop a career strategy.

If you have questions regarding the 5+1 career planning and development program or want to schedule an appointment with Graduate Career Services, visit the website or send an email to