Transforming doctoral education. 

Notre Dame graduate programs in the arts, humanities, and social sciences that help students finish their dissertations faster. A guaranteed postdoc for any students who finish in five years. And teaching and internship opportunities that strengthen fellows’ preparation for the job market—whether in the academy or out of it.

“Our new 5+1 program sets Notre Dame apart for its dedication to reducing time to degree and ensuring that our Ph.D.s are well positioned for postdoctoral success.” —John McGreevy, I.A. O'Shaughnessy Dean of the College of Arts and Letters. 

Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters has launched a guaranteed postdoctoral fellowship program that incentivizes graduate students to finish their dissertations earlier while also offering space to explore careers outside the academy. Students who complete their dissertations within five years of enrollment are guaranteed a one-year postdoctoral fellowship including a salary, funds for professional development, and the same benefits as Notre Dame staff, including an excellent health plan. 

Notre Dame's 5+1 program differs from others in higher education in both its scope and its flexibility. Where some programs are competitive, Notre Dame guarantees a postdoctoral fellowship to every student who finishes within five years. Where some programs ask fellows to teach the equivalent of an assistant professor load, the College of Arts and Letters limits teaching to two courses per year. While some programs allow students to compete for a fellowship after any number of years as a Ph.D. student, the College ties this program very firmly to the goal of reducing time to degree to within five years. And while some programs conceive of the postdoc purely as a teaching fellowship, the 5+1 program offers a variety of professional experiences to expand the range of employment opportunities our Ph.D.s may pursue both inside and outside the academy.

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