Admitted to Begin Studies Before Fall 2020

The Program offers students two options: 

1. Teaching and Research Track

This track enables participants to concentrate on teaching and research in a faculty-mentored environment. Fellows will gain valuable experience in course development and preparation, knowledge delivery, classroom management, and student learning and engagement. Additionally, fellows will have time to complete ongoing research, pursue publication of scholarly work, learn new research skills and approaches, and/or undertake new research projects. This track, therefore, is best suited for students seeking careers in academia.

  • Fifth-year students should remain in close contact with their directors of graduate study in the semester before defending the dissertation. If they expect to qualify for the 5+1 postdoc, they should arrange teaching assignments well before the start of the fellowship.
  • The teaching load can be no more than 2 courses per year and must be at the University of Notre Dame or at a pre-approved affiliate University or local program.
  • Potential T&R fellows should complete an Indication of Interest Form as soon as possible in their fifth year.
  • This track is open to all doctoral students in the College who were admitted to begin study before the Fall of 2020.

2. Internship Track

This track enables participants to concentrate on developing the skills and experiences needed to pursue careers outside the professoriate. Fellows take up full-time internships (40 hours/week) with partnering offices and divisions within the university as well as outside entities. As such, fellows on this track do not teach classes. 

  • Fellows seeking professional internships should apply by December of the year before the fellowship starts. Internships are competitive and placement is not guaranteed. Applicants will enter into a matching process with internship providers. Each internship establishes specific requirements and expectations for fellows. Students who do not successfully match with an internship will not be able to participate in the Internship Track (but may participate in the Teaching and Research Track instead). 
  • This track is open to all students in all doctoral programs, regardless of year of admission.